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1st LBS Colloquium, 2023

An Initiative of the Center for Research Excellence (CRE), Lahore Business School

Thinking out of the box has become the need of the hour. Academia is the foundation of entire industry. 

4th International Conference on Business and Management

Future Challenges and Opportunities under new Normal

The Challenges and Opportunities posed by Covid-19 have changes the business landscape.

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Dr. Rabeeya Raoof

Professor/ Dean F.M.S.

Dr. Khuram Shahzad


Dr. Farooq Anwar

Professor/Head Center for Research Excellence

Dr. Haris Aslam

Professor/Head Research Program

upcoming events

About us

A commitment to linking quality research to critical social and economic issues is vital for the advancement of knowledge, innovation, and social justice.
The human condition is analyzed through the lens of a diverse set of disciplines. To address the most pressing challenges faced by Pakistani society, we need to be able to draw upon insights from the field of Social Sciences.

As the world has become more interconnected, the need for sustainable and inclusive growth is becoming increasingly important. Research at the university level plays an integral role in developing solutions to these challenges, and its impact on society is significant.
The breadth of knowledge within our Business School is one of our greatest assets in tackling complex problems. That is why at Lahore Business School we have created the Center for Research Excellence (CRE) to address societal and organizational issues.